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Lote Tree College

  • FREE Online Islamic courses!
  • Hanafi Fiqh, Maliki Fiqh, Shafi Fiqh, Aqidah, Islam & Atheism and more.
  • Join thousands of students who have successfully graduated from over 80+ countries!

Lote Tree Quran School

  • Learn Qai’dah & Qur’an with Tajweed
  • Choice to study Online or On-site
  • Student Ages; 4-13
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Lote Tree Sunday School

  • Structured and comprehensive curriculum
  • Students; School Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Welcome! 🙂

We’re an award winning charity based in West London, geared primarily towards serving the dynamic needs of the diverse UK Muslim community.

Our study provisions, events and services are carefully designed to actively contribute to the moral and spiritual betterment of wider society, underpinned and driven by our faith and values.

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Why Lote Tree?


Join our growing dynamic community, representing a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and abilities!


Join thousands of students who have successfully completed studies in traditional Islamic sciences.


Our qualified and professional instructors collectively have more than 100 years of teaching experience


We provide a safe and nurturing environment in helping individuals to excel; morally, spiritually and academically.

Our Services

Lote Tree College

Free Online Islamic courses for students of all ages and abilities, online and on-site. Join thousands and acquire sacred knowledge from leading scholars of this age.

Lote Tree School

A range of Islamic learning initiatives designed and specifically tailored to cater for our younger childrens tarbiyyah. These include Online Quran classes, Quran classes in West Drayton and Sunday school.

Lote Tree Events

A plethora of regular events for the wider community including talks, seminars, circles, activities and socials! Includes Monthly Halaqah, Qasidah Al-Burdah, Dhikr and more!

Free Online Islamic Courses

Live and On-Demand Courses

Quran Classes and Sunday School

Online Quran Classes for Children

Online Quran Classes


UK Based Teachers

Quran Classes for Children in West Drayton

Quran Classes in West Drayton

Mon-Thu (5-6:30pm)

Ages 4-13

Muslim School in Hounslow

Sunday school

Sundays (10am-1pm)

Ages (Years 1 – 7)

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Other Services

 We offer many more services that include:

    • Nikah
    • Marriage Coaching
    • Counselling
    • Sisters Circles
    • Monthly Networking
    • Will Writing

 And More!




Muhammad Rusydi Azmi

Muhammad Rusydi Azmi

General Manager

❝ Lote Tree Foundation provide an incredible range of activities both online and offline for all people! Including: monthly open halaqahs, qasidah burda gatherings and education for our young muslim generation.

It is a real gem in the ocean of islamic organisations out there. ❞



Hesham Sharkawi


❝ The Lote Tree is an initiative with really great benefits. The information disseminated on Seerah and Fiqh is imparted beautifully and Ustadh Uthman really does make things clear and enjoyable. ❞



Kamran Ahmed

Finance Director

❝ Amazing institute that really leads the way in bringing people together! Run and managed by an amazing team.

Lots of new initiatives (coffee mornings, community BBQ, etc) and engaging talks take place here on a weekly basis. Have always felt very welcome here! ❞



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